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Boozyshop Rose Gold 24 pc Precision Makeup Brush Set

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Boozyshop Rose Gold BoozyBrush 24 pc Precision Set is an extensive set of makeup brushes with which you can apply your makeup with utmost precision. This brush set contains all essential brushes to apply your make-up in a professional and accurate way. The brushes in this set are super soft, making the application of your makeup a luxurious experience!

Contouring, highlighting or putting the perfect eyeliner together with your favorite eyeshadow, with this set you can do it all.

This set includes :

  • Tapered Concealer.
  • Angled Foundation.
  • Small Stippling.
  • Small Powder.
  • Precision Powder.
  • Blush.
  • Small Highlighter.
  • Small Tapered Highlighter
  • Small Fan.
  • Small Contour.
  • Small Flat Contour.
  • Detail Shader.
  • Small Shader.
  • Shader.
  • Small Smudge.
  • Small Pencil.
  • Flat Definer.
  • Pointed Blender.
  • Small Tapered Blender.
  • Small Fluffy Blender.
  • Small Eyeliner.
  • Bent Eye Liner.
  • Angled Brow.
  • Brow Liner.

The brushes from Boozyshop are made by hand with the utmost care and precision.
The materials are of the highest quality and the hair is silky soft to experience a perfect make-up application.

Hair :
Luxury synthetic fibers, specially developed for the function of the brush.

Handle :
Solid wood handle finished with high-gloss white lacquer.

Ferrule :
Aluminum finished in a rose gold color.

Maintenance :
To guarantee optimal life and hygiene of your brushes, the brushes should be cleaned weekly.
Use for this:
- Lukewarm water
- Shampoo or brush cleaner
- Pro Brush Cleaner to clean your brush deep into the fibers.

Dry your brushes upside down so that moisture cannot get to the glue layers of the hair.

Keep the shape of your brushes with the Pro Brush Protector for a perfect result.

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