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Boozyshop Eyelash Applicator

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The Boozyshop Eyelash Applicator is the perfect solution for easily and quickly applying your favorite fake eyelashes. This applicator is specially designed for maximum comfort and an accurate application.

Attention Boozy fans! From now on you can apply your favorite falsions with this handy bright pink applicator!

This applicator :

  • Ideal for applying fake eyelashes easily and quickly.
  • Specially designed for maximum comfort.
  • Ensures an accurate application of your falsions.
  • Bright pink color.

How to use :

  • Take the fake eyelash with the applicator and gently squeeze it.
  • Apply a thin layer of line to the eyelash band.
  • Raise your chin slightly to reach your natural lash line easily.
  • Place the fake eyelashes on natural lash line and release the applicator.
  • Carefully, with the other side of the applicator, gently press the fake eyelashes against the natural lash line.
  • Hold this for a moment and carefully release.

Tip! : With this bright pink applicator you can easily and quickly apply your favorite lashes, but how cool is it to apply our own Boozy lashes with this Boozy applicator!