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Boozyshop Blending Sponge

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The Boozyshop Blending Sponge is a professional, soft makeup sponge for applying and blending your foundation, concealer and makeup powder. Before applying foundation or concealer, moisten the sponge first! As a result, not too much of the product is absorbed. Apply your make-up in a dabbing motion.

You can use the pointed side of the makeup sponge for hard to reach areas such as your nose, mouth and under your eyes. Use the convex side of the makeup sponge to apply your foundation and blush on the larger areas of the face such as your forehead, cheeks and chin.

This sponge is 100% latex free.

How to use :
You can use The Boozyshop Blending Sponge both dry and moist.

  • Dry: suitable for powder products.
  • Moist: suitable for cream products such as foundation and concealer.

Tip :
For the durability of the sponge and a perfect result, do not use long rubbing movements on the face but short dabbing movements.

Maintenance :

  • Always keep the make up sponge in a good ventilated place at room temperature to prevent the foam from suffocating.
  • The Boozyshop Makeup Sponge Protector Case is ideal for storing your Blending Sponge!

Cleaning :
The sponge should be cleaned weekly to optimize its life.
Use for this:
- Lukewarm water
- Shampoo or a brush cleanser

Hold the make up sponge together with the shampoo under lukewarm water and then squeeze out the moisture. Repeat this until the make up sponge is clean again.

NOTE : Do not clean the make up sponge by rubbing it over a surface, as this can tear the materials.