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Boozyshop Microfiber Makeup Sponge

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Boozyshop Microfiber Makeup Sponge is a makeup sponge made with the latest technology. This velvet sponge is very soft and contains microfiber hairs. The special hairs easily absorb each product, allowing you to apply and blend your makeup with the right precision. Go for a beautiful smooth look, because with this multi functional sponge you can apply your foundation, concealer and powder products like never before.

The pointy side of the makeup sponge can be used for hard to reach areas such as the nose, mouth and under the eyes. Do you want to apply foundation or blush? Then use the convex side and apply your makeup to the larger areas of the face.

This sponge is 100% latex-free.

This sponge :

  • Velvety microfiber hairs.
  • Made with the latest technology.
  • Ideal for applying and blending makeup.
  • Suitable for cream and powder products.

How to use :

  • Moisten the sponge in water before applying cream products such as foundation or concealer.
  • Squeeze out excess fluid from the sponge and pat in your favorite makeup. (Note: do not rub!)
  • Now apply your makeup to your face in dots, until you have a perfect result.
  • Are you ready? Let the sponge dry at room temperature in a well-ventilated and dry room.
  • Use the sponge dry before applying powder products.

Tip! : Make the sustainability of sponge and a perfect result no long rubbing motion across the face.

Maintenance :

The sponge needs to be cleaned weekly to optimize its lifespan.
Use for this:
- Lukewarm water.
- Shampoo or a brush cleanser.

Keep the makeup sponge together with the shampoo under the lukewarm water and then squeeze out the moisture. Repeat until the makeup sponge is clean.

ATTENTION : Do not clean the make-up sponge by rubbing it over a surface, as a result of which the materials can tear.